Who we are

Nerahubs Limited is the skills development subsidiary of Impresanera Limited. Impresanera Limited is a technology and information services organization developing and enabling the implementation of trailblazing technology transformations. Nerahubs was established to identify and develop talent, bridging the resource gap in technology, engineering & management, agriculture and fashion. Tailored to meet the resourcing needs, we envisioned educational programs to bridge the resource gap through biannual intake of cohorts, and continuous need-based recruitment of outstanding talent to support delivery and development of in-house projects, outsourced contracts, and freelance opportunities.

Our Vision & Mission

Nerahubs Limited was established to build competent resources equipped with relevant tools required to drive upward intergenerational mobility for Africans, balancing the scale for access to market through technology.

Our mission is resourcing to compete in a rapidly evolving global market by providing access to training, information and technology.

As a company that believes in delivering service through provision of access, we are committed to equipping individuals and organizations with the right skills and talents they require to improve their efficiency.  We are a technology training program offering skills development and mentorship for aspiring individuals into the technology space in Nigeria.

For young aspiring techies, we provide the skills, mindset, and experiences to build a globally successful tech career. Beyond our skills development, we provide a real-world advantage to our trainees through a process of learning, building and collaboration and growing.

Our skills development sessions are based on a well developed curriculum that covers an avalanche of subject areas that should help every beginner grow into a professional. The curriculum takes you through the basic fundamentals of computer literacy into a bootcamp program that runs for 26-weeks.


Nerahubs is the skills development subsidiary of Impresanera Limited. Impresanera Limited is a company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. As we work through developing and delivering quality products to the domestic market, we have identified a large skilled resource shortage in agriculture, software development, hardware engineering, corrosion engineering, project and product management, transportation mechanics, and style.

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