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Fashion is undoubtedly one of the world’s most important industries and drives a significant part of the global economy. According to McKinsey & Company in their 2017 State of Fashion report, the global fashion industry, if it were ranked alongside individual countries, would place in the top ten largest economies in the world. Resourcing to compete in this category, our Style hub at Nera Fashion Academy provides an opportunity to develop skills in appreciation and correction of apparel fit, application of ideal fit standards across different body types and fabrics, pattern drafting and sewing skills, use of specialty industrial sewing and pressing machines, essentials of technical illustration, pattern making, pattern grading and clothing construction, manufacturing inputs and processes and movement in the supply chain, as well as digital marketing and management of the apparel value chain.

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Basic Tailoring Techniques

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Fashion Technique & Design

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Fashion Business Management

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Industrial Power Sewing


Nerahubs is the skills development subsidiary of Impresanera Limited. Impresanera Limited is a company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. As we work through developing and delivering quality products to the domestic market, we have identified a large skilled resource shortage in agriculture, software development, hardware engineering, corrosion engineering, project and product management, transportation mechanics, and style.

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