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Our Technology Hubs

As many businesses embrace transformation through technology implementation, jobs in the tech industry are expected to grow. Our Technology Hub is more than a software engineering bootcamp. Providing hands-on industry experience through exciting real world projects where you will collaborate with multiple disciplines including but not limited to engineers, managers, digital marketers, and software developers, an opportunity to join our Technology hub is a career transformation experience.

Our Programs

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Web Development (Full-stack)

You’ll learn all you need to know and build the capacity to handle projects with an interesting portfolio as a frontend developer with a coaching program that focuses on fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React.

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Mobile (App) Development

Go from zero knowledge to being able to build your own complete websites! Starting with the foundations of software engineering. Develop and deploy enterprise back-end applications following best practices using ExpresJS & NodeJS.

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Product Design (UI/UX)

This course will take you through the entire process of researching and identifying user problems, crafting a solution to address these deficiencies and validating this solution with the end-users.


Nerahubs is the skills development subsidiary of Impresanera Limited. Impresanera Limited is a company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. As we work through developing and delivering quality products to the domestic market, we have identified a large skilled resource shortage in agriculture, software development, hardware engineering, corrosion engineering, project and product management, transportation mechanics, and style.

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